Barbican Centre

For the Barbican Centre Creative Learning Team I have led the below projects.

A regional pilot for Barbican Box, the Creative Learning's flagship schools and world class arts project. This pilot took place with HOME, Manchester, 4 Secondary Schools and Complicite over 6months with Georgina leading all aspects of the project from re-designing the process, to contracting, schools management and producing final reports with detailed strategy on next steps.

Working with the wider team, curating and designing a model for an all school take over in Barking and Dagenham to mark the anniversary of the Suffrage, with a specific focus on the Heritage within this iconic borough. Georgina worked with the Head of Department and Development team to also lead the project into a successful HLF bid.

A Panel discussion with Louise Blackwell (Fuel), Stella Kanu (Ovalhouse) and David Sabel (London Theatres) unpacking what it means to be a producer within the arts industry for over 80 budding 20-25year olds.